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Re: BlueTooth in IBM T60

On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 01:41 -0500, Marcus D. Leech wrote: 
> I have an IBM T60, which supposedly has a Bluetooth subsystem, but with 
> an up-to-date F11
>    system, when I use the Gnome Bluetooth tool, it claims that there are 
> no adapters on my system.
>    I tried seeing if there was perhaps an ACPI file that I could 
> manually enable it with, but no
>    such luck:

I have had a T60 for about 3 years and had no problem with Bluetooth.
It should show up as a USB device.  But...  Couple of questions...

1) Are you sure YOU have the Bluetooth module (it's an option on the

2) Did you turn the little switch on on the front of the T60?  It may be
a stupid question, I know, but, if that switch is off, you won't see the
Bluetooth hardware at all.  If it's on and you have the Bluetooth
hardware, the little "B" light on the panel in the hinge should light

> [mleech localhost ~]$ ls /proc/acpi/ibm
> beep  brightness  cmos  driver  fan  hotkey  led  light  thermal  video  
> volume
> No "bluetooth" file to send an "enable" to.
> Is this a known issue with the IBM/Lenovo T60 laptop?

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