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Re: GRUB2?

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 19:56:00 +0100
Tom H wrote:

> Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu have implemented grub2 in the same way -
> which must have come from the upstream devs.

How annoying. If grub itself can parse the grub.cfg file, I don't
know why update tools couldn't also parse it and do intelligent
merges, preserving kernel options, etc. As I recall, one of the
really big selling points for grub taking over from lilo was that
you didn't need to run any silly tools to update the boot config,
now we have "improved" grub back to the point where you
need the extra silly tools again...

> PPS: Fedora uses upstart too!

Yea, but the fedora upstart script is willing to look
in /etc/inittab to pick out the run level to decide if
it should start gdm (the only thing inittab is still
used for in fedora :-). Come to think of it, this may
be the single instance of any linux improvement attempting
to preserve backwards compatibility :-).

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