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F12/Subversion/httpd -- PROPFIND access denied

After upgrading to Fedora 12, I installed and tried to set up a Subversion repository with mixed success.  I have worked out the bulk of the issues but one still has me stumped.  Hopefully, someone on this list knows the answer or can point me to a URL that does.

The problem is that I cannot get Subversion to work with Apache 2.2.  Every time that I try to checkout the repository, I receive a 403 Forbidden Access error.  To make matters more frustrating, if I access the repository using local access (file:///...) the command works.  It is only when I try to use HTTP/WebDAV access (http://localhost/svn/...) does the access problem occur.

Things that I have tried:

- SELinux enabled and disabled -- no difference.

- Various permissions and ownerships.
  -- The repository and Subversion directories are currently owned by apache.apache.

- Various settings in my subversion.conf file for httpd. 
  -- When the <LimitExcept> section is commented out, the failure comes on the third
      "PROPFIND /svn/Home/sfbooks/trunk  HTTP/1.1" request.  The first two return 207
      while the third one returns 403.  Using Wireshark, all three requests are identical
      barring numbers in the IP headers.
  -- When the <LimitExcept> section is active, the failure comes on the very first request,
      "OPTIONS /svn/Home/sfbooks/trunk HTTP/1.1" request with a 403 response.
  -- Both 403 responses contain the same reason: "You don't have permission to access
      /svn/Home/sfbooks/trunk\n on this server."

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Root Subversion Directory:    /opt/Subversion
Repository Parent Directory:  /opt/Subversion/repos
Password File:                          /opt/Subversion/users/passwords (created using htpasswd)
SVN Authz Config File:            /opt/Subversion/permissions/svnauthz.conf

Repository:                               Home  (located at /opt/Subversion/repos/Home)
Project within Home Repo:     sfbooks/trunk

Content of passwords:

Content of svnauthz.conf

Content of conf.d/subversion.conf

  LoadModule dav_svn_module     modules/mod_dav_svn.so
  LoadModule authz_svn_module   modules/mod_authz_svn.so

  Alias  /svn  /opt/Subversion/repos

  <Location /svn/>
     # mod_dav Commands
     DAV                  svn
     DavDepthInfinity     on

     # SVN Provider Commands
     SVNParentPath        /opt/Subversion/repos

     # authz_svn_module Commands
     AuthzSVNAccessFile   /opt/Subversion/permissions/svnauthz.conf

             # Authentication Commands
             AuthType             Basic
             AuthName             "Subversion Repository Login"
             AuthUserFile         /opt/Subversion/users/passwords
             Satisfy              Any
             Require              valid-user
     #        Order   Allow,Deny
     #        Allow   from All
     #   </Limit>


  Steven F. LeBrun

Quote: "Winter meant the coming of the lazy wind, which couldn't be bothered to blow around people and blew right through them instead."
     -- Terry Pratchett, from "Wyrd Sisters"

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