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[SOLVED] Re: dovecot sieve

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone using dovecot sieve on F12?
> I've tried enabling it in the dovecot.conf and dovecot fails to start
> with the following error message.
> Starting Dovecot Imap:
> dlopen(/usr/lib/dovecot/imap/lib90_sieve_plugin.so) failed:
> /usr/lib/dovecot/imap/lib90_sieve_plugin.so: undefined symbol:
> duplicate_check
> Couldn't load required plugins
> dovecot-1.2.8-2.fc12.i686
> dovecot-sieve-1.2.8-2.fc12.i686
> dovecot-managesieve-1.2.8-2.fc12.i686
> Couldn't find any bugzilla....
Never mind.....

Just realized I enabled sieve in the wrong stanza of the dovecot.conf. 
Coffee does it again....

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