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Very BAD preupgrade experience.

Just had a bad experience with preupgrade.
Had a phenom II x64 machine that had Fedora 11 freshly installed with 
default settengs a few weeks before 12 came out. Finally decided to try the 
upgrade to see how it would work, but could have done a clean install if it 
didn't work.

Preupgraded started find downloading files, but eventually came up with a 
message that it needed more space on /boot. Removed all but latest kernel, 
and memtest and eventually needed to remove the splash graphic to get it to 
work, but fianllly got enough space. So the preupgrade to finish the process 
to reboot. Then when it rebooted, there was a message that it needed more 
space, but there was nothing on the /boot to be removed. I was able to boot 
back to the Fedora 11 kernel, and then tried a last resort option. Took the 
initrd in the upgrade directory, and first gunziped it, and then used lzma on it. 
The resuld was about 500M smaller size, and then was able to reboot. This 
then alllowed the preupgrade boot to work, and the system has now 

It would have been nicer to get a message to either no do a preupgrade, or 
to have a way to resize the systems. Would have tired partimage, but it 
doesn't resize lvm, so that would be another problem. 

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