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Re: Nouveau driver with nvidia dual head

On Wed, 2009-12-30 at 08:20 -0500, Kirk Lowery wrote:

> Well, I tried this conf and it worked -- exactly as without an
> xorg.conf: everything about dual head works except for the background
> stretch.
> I guess I'm going to have to get in touch with the LiveCD developers,
> and find out who does the nouveau stuff for it; either that or the
> nouveau IRC.

xorg.conf file isn't used because the system is setup so that everything
(if possible)is detected automatically and setup/used depending on what
it finds (via some type of id that is used on various cards/monitors).
There are the exceptions I guess with dual monitors and certain setups
that normal users probably wouldn't encounter, as well as maybe certain
laptop setups.  I would say those type things might have to have an
xorg.conf file to get into more detail to get those type situations
working as they are suppose to.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best lil town on Earth!"

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