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Re: Very BAD preupgrade experience.

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 13:43:20 Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> Just had a bad experience with preupgrade.
> Preupgraded started find downloading files, but eventually came up with a
> message that it needed more space on /boot.
> It would have been nicer to get a message to either no do a preupgrade, or
> to have a way to resize the systems. Would have tired partimage, but it
> doesn't resize lvm, so that would be another problem.

If you are using LVM, I would expect resizing partitions to be easy and 
painless, right? LVM was actually introduced precisely for this purpose, 

Once preupgrade complained it needs more space for /boot, I would use LVM 
tools to expand /boot accordingly, then start again. That said, please note 
that I never upgrade Fedora (always reformat and do a clean install), and that 
I don't use LVM (always manually create a custom bare-bones partition layout 
to suit my needs). IOW, I may not be the proper person to give the above 
advice. ;-)

HTH, :-)

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