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Re: small gripe -- for Fedora, or KDE, or ....?

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:37:02 -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:

> BeartoothHOS wrote:
>> But for as long as I can remember, there have been two kinds of entries
>> in the Main menu: ones that will tell you what they are or do if you
>> hover the cursor over them -- and ones that belong to KDE.
>> Why the lacuna? Do KDE developers, like Apple developers, presume that
>> *everyone* already knows?
> You *ass*ume much here, pointing fingers and blame.

	Puns are pointless here -- especially old cold dried-up ones.

	You are reading an interpretation into my words which had not 
occurred to me, and which I disavow. 

	My whole point was not to assign blame -- for all I know, 
some people may *like* the way things are, and consider praise due.

	I *asked* several questions (not just the one you quote out of 
context), all leading to the same basic thing which I don't know and want 
to : where best to raise the issue. 

	That was and is a real question.

	*Why* do I get so much more info about Gnome apps than KDE ones, 
*who* could change that, and *where* can I make the request and expect it 
to be on topic?

	You might have noted that I went out of my way to praise certain 
KDE apps, and to explain that I would like to find others, if they exist, 
which I would like as well.
> It goes both ways.  For example, Gnome doesn't support the GenericName
> part of the desktop-spec, whereas KDE in general doesn't offer Comment
> keys.

	I have no idea what that jargon refers to. Why are you throwing 
it at me? What does it have to do with the issue?

> Sad part is that GenericName isn't an optional part of the spec.

	Btw, it is true that I happen to be one of those who despise and 
detest the Apple interface as much as I do the M$ one -- if that 
discomfits you, so be it -- but the fact is altogether beside the point 
of my post. Apple, and the sneers of its admirers against the 
uninitiated, was a mere example, as was Stefan George. Are you going to 
take umbrage at my mention of him??

Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck Not Quite Clueless Power User
I have precious (very precious!) little idea where up is.

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