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Re: Very BAD preupgrade experience.

On 30 Dec 2009 at 18:14, Marko Vojinovic wrote:

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Subject:        	Re: Very BAD preupgrade experience.
Date sent:      	Wed, 30 Dec 2009 18:14:07 +0000
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> On Wednesday 30 December 2009 13:43:20 Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> > Just had a bad experience with preupgrade.
> [snip]
> > Preupgraded started find downloading files, but eventually came up with a
> > message that it needed more space on /boot.
> [snip]
> > It would have been nicer to get a message to either no do a preupgrade, or
> > to have a way to resize the systems. Would have tired partimage, but it
> > doesn't resize lvm, so that would be another problem.
> If you are using LVM, I would expect resizing partitions to be easy and 
> painless, right? LVM was actually introduced precisely for this purpose, 

Problem is that the /boot is a separate regular partition. /dev/sda1
The root and swap partitions are LVM in the /dev/sda2.

The LVM options don't seem to help in this setup, it would require reducing 
the size of the LVM inside the physical partition, and then resizing the 
physical parititon, and then moving the physical partition. Might be possible, 
but I don't  know all the commands.

> Once preupgrade complained it needs more space for /boot, I would use LVM 
> tools to expand /boot accordingly, then start again. That said, please note 
> that I never upgrade Fedora (always reformat and do a clean install), and that 
> I don't use LVM (always manually create a custom bare-bones partition layout 
> to suit my needs). IOW, I may not be the proper person to give the above 
> advice. ;-)

I've thought of not using LVM, since I don't see needing the on the fly options 
it allows for my setup, but it is the default setup. If they where regular 
paritions, using partedmagic  or other program would make it easy to move 
the partitions. 

Thanks for the info.

> HTH, :-)
> Marko

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