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Re: small gripe -- for Fedora, or KDE, or ....?

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 18:26:53 BeartoothHOS wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:37:02 -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:
> > It goes both ways.  For example, Gnome doesn't support the GenericName
> > part of the desktop-spec, whereas KDE in general doesn't offer Comment
> > keys.
> 	I have no idea what that jargon refers to. Why are you throwing
> it at me? What does it have to do with the issue?

Not that I am an expert, but I guess the "GenericName" and "Comment" are fields 
inside the app.desktop files that are used to provide the information such as 
description when you hover the pointer in the menu. There is a standardized 
specification for these, which both KDE and Gnome (and other DE's) should 
follow. So if I understood what Rex said, KDE fills in the description in the 
GenericName field, while Gnome prefers the Comment field.

And all would be well if both KDE and Gnome would read the data from *both* 
fields and then decide which one to show to the user. But KDE disregards the 
Comment field, while Gnome disregards the GenericName field. If the other one 
happens to be empty, you have no description when you hover the pointer.

> > Sad part is that GenericName isn't an optional part of the spec.

Now, I understood this part as follows. The specification standard says that 
the Comment field is optional and may be left out (or left blank). So KDE does 
not do much wrong when disregarding this field. However GenericName field should 
be obligatory (per spec.) and Gnome *does* do wrong when it disregards it.

So essentially, this is a bug in Gnome, and you should report it against 
Gnome. What is sad is the fact that Gnome does not follow the agreed spec.
> Btw, it is true that I happen to be one of those who despise and
> detest the Apple interface

Finally, all this has absolutely nothing to do with Apple, AFAICS.

HTH, :-)

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