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Re: small gripe -- for Fedora, or KDE, or ....?

BeartoothHOS wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:37:02 -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> BeartoothHOS wrote:
>>> But for as long as I can remember, there have been two kinds of entries
>>> in the Main menu: ones that will tell you what they are or do if you
>>> hover the cursor over them -- and ones that belong to KDE.
>>> Why the lacuna? Do KDE developers, like Apple developers, presume that
>>> *everyone* already knows?
>> You *ass*ume much here, pointing fingers and blame.
> Puns are pointless here -- especially old cold dried-up ones.
> You are reading an interpretation into my words which had not
> occurred to me, and which I disavow.

"Do KDE developers, like Apple developers, presume 
that everyone already knows? "

Sounds like a blanket statement about intentions to me.  Stick to facts 
then, please, if you don't want a reaction.

> *Why* do I get so much more info about Gnome apps than KDE ones,
> *who* could change that, and *where* can I make the request and expect it
> to be on topic?

OK, simply put:  on gnome you get more info about gnome apps.  On kde, you 
get more info about kde apps.

>> It goes both ways.  For example, Gnome doesn't support the GenericName
>> part of the desktop-spec, whereas KDE in general doesn't offer Comment
>> keys.
> I have no idea what that jargon refers to. Why are you throwing
> it at me? What does it have to do with the issue?

Gnome shows Comment= keys on hover, KDE shows GenericName entries in the 
menus.  Gnome ignores and doesn't use GenericName anywhere.  KDE doesn't use 
Commment= keys (for the most part).
Does that help?

Now, imo, KDE at least embraces the desktop-spec here, and I'll take any 
bugs wrt missing Comment= keys in .desktop files, and help fix it.  I've 
been virtually begging fedora/gnome developers to do the same for supporting 
GenericName= keys for quite awhile, with little success to date.

-- Rex

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