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Re: i386 yum update download stops: updates/filelists_db

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Rich Emberson <emberson rich gmail com> wrote:
Trying to do a
yum makecache
on my fedora 12 i386 machine and it starts downloading updates/filelists_db
and the download rate gets slower and slower, from 100s of KBs/second to KBs to 100s of B/s to Bytes/seccond
to 0 B/s - basically stopping.
I can Control-C to restart but the same happens again. After a couple of Control-C's it switches
mirrors but it still happens.

Whats up?

Just for giggles, try turning off iptables ("#service iptables stop").  There's some rule in the default iptables that
causes FTP downloads to crawl after a while. It's bitten me before doing FTP software fetches and it's possible
that one or more of the repos you have uses FTP.

I've never had the time to figure out which iptables rule is causing the issue, I just disable iptables, fetch stuff
and turn iptables back on.  Perhaps when I'm not so busy...
Rick Stevens, Nerd Manifique

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