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Re: The Counter-Fedora People At #fedora

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 23:48:43 -0500, Randy wrote:

> Why do the following people, time after time, insist on banning me for
> asking fedora questions on #fedora?
>   VileGent
>   Khaytsus (or however you speel his name)
>   [R]

Are all three misspelled?

> They are absolute pricks. If the Fedora community wants to improve
> their position with the public, I suggest that they start monitoring
> #fedora for the utterly vehement, venomous, vicious attitudes these
> regulars have there and do a little pruning of operator priviledges.

> So if you want to keep folks like me, and encourage others, please,
> PLEASE - clean up the #fedora channel from the egomaniac, self-centered,
> self-serving folks that spoil it for so many others.

One important thing that is missing in your post is an example of what
had happened in the channel prior to one of those three banning you.

To claim that you got banned "for asking fedora questions" sounds
unrealistic. It's a biased view, I think. Perhaps what you considered
appropriate for that channel was deemed inappropriate because of the way
you presented it to the people?

Surely every ban has a history such as one or more earlier kicks
and a final warning. Have you been told what you did wrong?

Beyond that I can't say much about #fedora. I'm not a fan of overuse
of pseudonyms/nicknames in a community where I would prefer to know
people by their real name. Tried to query all three ircnames, but none
of them was found.

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