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Re: The Counter-Fedora People At #fedora

On Thu, 31 Dec 2009 08:46:04 -0500, Randy wrote:

> > [...]
> > To claim that you got banned "for asking fedora questions" sounds
> > unrealistic. It's a biased view, I think. 
> So you're making a judgement call on missing information? 

Well, I have doubts. Either the "banned for asking fedora questions" is
phrased very poorly, or what you considered "fedora questions" was a
controversial matter. Something may be related to Fedora but could still
be considered inappropriate or undesired by the community that fills
#fedora with activity. [My general experience with IRC is good enough to
tell some tales to back up my point of view.]

> > Perhaps what you considered appropriate for that channel was deemed
> > inappropriate because of the way you presented it to the people?
> Perhaps. And perhaps what I am stating is true and unbiased. For
> example, if I don't understand something, I expect to be able to say, "I
> don't understand."

Then give some details, please. Imagine you would file an abuse complaint.
You would need to give some details. If somebody really did you wrong, there
are ways to impose sanctions on that person. I'm certain we don't want anyone
on #fedora to kick/ban people just for fun.

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