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Re: Unable To Install In Graphic Mode

Around 05:11pm on Thursday, December 31, 2009 (UK time), David Dembrow scrawled:

> Attempting to install fedora 12, I get a message that there is not 
> enough memory to install in graphic mode and it reverts to a text mode 
> and installs some prepackaged set of applications.  It is a system with 
> 384 megabytes of memory and the graphic installer worked with fedora 11.
> How much memory does the graphic installer need and/or is there another 
> way I can get to select a complete set of packages with the text based 
> installer?

It depends on the architecture:

x86 requires 192 Mb
x86-64 requires 384 Mb

But recomended are higher. See section 1.2.2 here:


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