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Re: installing to external disk: esata now!

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Paul Johnson <pauljohn32 gmail com> wrote:
> If one of you knows the similar recipe for esata, I would very much
> appreciate it.

You'll need a driver for the SATA controller that is built into your
PC.  SATA uses the ATA data stream over twisted pair serial cables.
The controllers that drive the SATA cables are made by many different
vendors; each of them needs its own specific driver.

If you're able to access the drive when you're booted up, try an lsmod
to see if its driver is loaded as a module.  It might be compiled
directly into the kernel though - if it is, you'll need to configure a
kernel build that makes a module for that driver.

If you intend to make an initrd that anyone can use, you'll need to
build modules from all of the available SATA drivers and include them.

eSATA is just a regular SATA cable with a different kind of physical
connector; there's no special software support needed for eSATA as
opposed to internal SATA.  My motherboard has a bunch of internal SATA
ports; I bought an SATA to eSATA adapter that just has two SATA cables
that attach to a PCI slot cover, which has two eSATA ports on it.
It's nothing more than a cabling adapter - there's no logic circuits
or software for it.

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