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Re: Where to get the java plugin for F10. I'm using F9

Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Saturday 31 January 2009 22:10, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Nigel Henry wrote:
>>> Where do I get the java plugin from for F10. I'm using F9, but have
>>> problems with some java sites, and believe that the F10 version of the
>>> plugin resolves these problems.
>> Why don't you just upgrade to F10? Then you'll get it automatically.

>>         Kevin Kofler

> Mainly because I don't want to. I'm on dialup, and it will take 14 days to 
> download the CD iso's for F10. More to the point though, I'm trying to find 
> just one package, the java plugin for F10, so that I can replace the F9 one 
> with it. Nobody so far has come up with where I can get this from.

> I've already made adjustments to my /etc/apt/sources.list, so as to download 
> the filelists for F10's everything repo, but am getting parsing errors. 
> Perhaps apt-get no longer works for F10.

> Sometimes I wonder why I bother to try and resolve Fedora problems. I already 
> have Suns JRE downloaded, and could simply replace the Fedora version with 
> the real JRE, which I know will have no problems with the Java sites that are 
> having problems with the Java version which is installed on Fedora 9.

> I give up. i thought I'd asked a simple question, but am not getting a simple 
> answer. Upgrade to F10 is not the answer, and I already know that installing 
> Sun's JRE will resolve the problem. All I want is a link to where I can 
> download the java plugin for F10 (from a Fedora repo), then i can replace the 
> F9 one with it, and hopefully Firefox will then work with the www.jigzone.com 
> site.

> It's nearly 1am in Northern France, and I'm tired. I'm just trying to resolve 
> a problem, not trying to get into an argument. I'm getting too old for that.

Pick a site.





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