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Re: httpd service is dead

Fedora 10 doesn't allow a graphical login to root by default. If you
search the list archives, you can learn the necessary change to do a
graphical login as root. I suggest you don't do that until you are
pretty comfortable with system administration tasks like starting the
web server. Don't routinely log in as root just so you can have
superuser privileges all the time. Instead work as an ordinary user and
su to root as needed.

You can open a terminal window and su to root:

su -

[you can also use sudo for this, I don't bother with it myself]

cd /etc/httpd/conf

[edit httpd.conf for your needs. If you are also interested in using
tomcat and/or PHP, now is a good time to edit those configuration items

chkconfig --list httpd

[check which runlevels httpd is turned on for, if you wish to have it
started on boot]

chkconfig --levels 235 httpd on

service httpd start

[check /var/log/httpd for various types of log messages]

[start any other web services you may want such as tomcat, but fix
problems with services you just started before going on to starting the
next service]


[returns you to unprivileged user terminal]


Bob Cochran

Simon Tierney wrote:
> Sorry if this is basic.
> Since I started using Fedora 10 I can't login as root.
> Even though the system recognizes the root password when it requires
> it for certain administrative tasks it refuses to let me login as root.
> When I try to edit httpd.conf I get the message "could not save
> file..." it doesn't even prompt me for the root password.
> My httpd service is dead and I can't resurrect it, what should I do?

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