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Re: yum list display some package in 2 rows

Il giorno sab, 31/01/2009 alle 21.09 +0000, g ha scritto:
I can't understand...
Why I have to set someting in terminals if I want to run the command as
a script.

> what size are your 'xterms'?
> [i have konsole set to open 80 x 25, right/left click to resize as needed]
My monitor is 1900x800
My konsole is set to be 196x40

> if you are using a smaller monitor, consider changing display size,
> and konsole, to give you higher character.
I think the problem isn't on the monitor.
The problem is that the output is not everytime the same. And I can't
understand what is the logic for yum to choose what is the line size.

If I send output to a file, the row size is everytime 80 char, but this
is not a good choise.

I found this on the output.py

def _term_width():
    """ Simple terminal width, limit to 20 chars. and make 0 == 80. """
    if not hasattr(urlgrabber.progress, 'terminal_width_cached'):
        return 80
    ret = urlgrabber.progress.terminal_width_cached()
    if ret == 0:
        return 80
    if ret < 20:
        return 20
    return ret

I can't imagine why the limit should be set to 20 or to 80.
I don't know how to change it, but I think that if output is sent to
nonterminal devices, (like files or pipe for examples), the row limit as
to be set to infinite.

I will try to tell to yum developer.

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