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Re: How does sudo work these days in F10 ?

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> With Fedora, sudo asks for the root password, which is the correct way.
No, it asks for the user's password. This is the correct way. You
use sudo to give a user (limited) root access without giving them
the root password.

> With UBUNTU, it asks for the user password, which means that you cannot
> let others share your logon id and password.
You should not be sharing your login ID and password. If you are
going to do that, then do not put that user ID in sudoers. Use "su
-" if you are going to use root's password. With UBUNTU, only the
first user created has sudo permissions. With Fedora, no users have
sudo permissions by default. UBUNTU does not set the root password.
Under their setup, the first user created is the administrator.
Different ways of doing things for different target groups.

One security feature with sudo is that you can limit what commands a
user can execute as root.


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