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Re: How does sudo work these days in F10 ?

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
With Fedora, sudo asks for the root password, which is the correct way.

With UBUNTU, it asks for the user password, which means that you cannot let others share your logon id and password.

Shame on Ubuntu.

That's not true. It depends very much on how you set up Sudo - and the easiest way is to ask for your password - it's very difficult to get sudo to prompt for the root password.

What you are confused about is all those windows prompting you for the root password - they are not generated via sudo - they are part of PolicyKit, which is the framework Fedora uses for authorising privileged access.

You can adjust PolicyKit from "System -> Preferences -> System -> Authorisations"

- If set to "Admin Authentication" the root password will be prompted for.
- If set to "Authentication" then the user's password will be prompted for.

Some authorisations are also still controlled through consolehelper/userhelper - these can be adjusted using the files in /etc/security/console.apps/ - If you add the line "UGROUP=wheel" then anyone in the wheel group will be asked for their own password instead of roots.

The dual-configuration places will eventually collapse when the Fedora guys move everything to PolicyKit, but until then, you need to fiddle with multiple places.

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