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Re: evolution email

On 02/01/2009 10:59 AM, Harry R. wrote:
Oh well,

After trying for a couple of days to get Evolution NOT to return those infamous sync errors
that it has been doing for years, after reading a LOT on the Net about this and other evolution
problems, after trying to import my old mailboxes (does not work always, or actually, it almost
never works), after trying to get it to understand an Mbox layout, and doing evrything again
and again, it now freezes at random and even crashed at typing email number 2.

Evolution is I am sorry to say probably the most disappointing email client I have ever worked
with. Back to the basics.

You might at least say what version of Evo you have. There was a fairly important change between 2.22 and 2.24, which can affect people's local mail folders if they're not careful. I didn't bite me but there is some traffic on the Evo list about it.


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