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Re: OT?: Thunderbird/Firefox - http links changed to file: links??

G.Wolfe Woodbury wrote:
Recently Ive had a problem with thunderbird and firefox wherein an
http:://  link gets changed to a file:/// link somewhere between
clicking the link in thunderbird and the link opening in Firefox.

I'll assume you meant http:// ...

I've prowled through the advanced config controls of both apps and see
no obvious transformations.  I've disabled all extensions in Firefox
(especially NoScript) but the problem persists.  I've even uninstalled
and re-installed Firefox to see if that helps.
I'd suspect a thunderbird extension rather than a firefox one.

- What does the URL show in the bottom status bar when you hover your mouse over the link ? - What shows up if you right click on the link, copy the link location and paste it into firefox ?

I just took a quick peek at thunderbird's advanced config (Edit->Preferences->Advanced->General->config editor) and found the parameter

network.protocol-handler.app.http very interesting. On my system the value is:

It's probably a good idea to debug what that script does to your URL.

- steve

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