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Re: OT?: Thunderbird/Firefox - http links changed to file: links??

RDB wrote:
On Monday 02 February 2009 00:23:27 G.Wolfe Woodbury wrote:
steve wrote:
G.Wolfe Woodbury wrote:
Recently Ive had a problem with thunderbird and firefox wherein an
http:://  link gets changed to a file:/// link somewhere between
clicking the link in thunderbird and the link opening in Firefox.
I'll assume you meant http:// ...

How about trying to create a new profile for both Firefox and Thunderbird, one at a time ? Start Firefox or Thunderbird with -ProfileManager flag. This should clears out any preference installed in your profile by starting with a fresh profile (and you don't have to delete your profile in .mozilla directory). Re- installing Firefox / Thunderbird may not help if the problem is in your profile or an extension stored in your profile.

Actually, I bit the bullet and moved my profiles aside and re-created the new user state.

The problem persists! Not just one or two messages, now it affects all message links from Thunderbird to Firefox.

All that is installed in firefox and thunderbird as far as extensions are the defaults.

Re-examination of the configurations again reveals nothing unexpected.

I'm beginnig to wonder if there is something amiss with some global configuration or if I have somehow been compromised. This last is fairly unlikely since I practice safe hex and have a firewall in place.

I guess I'll have to dig into the global configurations for TB and FF
but don't expect to find anything as they were both erased and re-installed just now.

Just to be on the safe side I'll reboot to make sure there isn't any memory-resident interceptor at work. An examination of ps shows nothing
unusual but I'll check for rootkits and such as well.

G.Wolfe Woodbury

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