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Re: Super user problem FC10

Croombe F. Pensom wrote:
> I have installed FC10 five times now but I can NEVER log in as root as
> it ALWAYS tells me that the authentication failed.
> I did the install very, very carefully as I thought that, maybe, I had
> goofed; but, no, I set up root password OK but still cannot do the login
> as root.
> The only way I can get to root operations is via sudo but, then, I can't
> get a gui running (I'm a bit lazy!!).
> Any ideas as to why I can't log in as root?
> CroombeFP
You may want to do a search of the list. This has been covered
several times. By default, root can not log into the GUI.

Besides using sudo, you can also run su - to change to the root
user. You will have to give the root password.


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