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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On Monday 02 February 2009 13:54:00 Robin Laing wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
> > On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 09:53 -0500, Kelly Miller wrote:
> >> On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:38 AM, Mail Lists <lists sapience com>
> >> wrote:
> > the truth is though, that he is not the only one who switched from KDE
> > to GNOME. It's about the expectations.
> When I installed F10 on the first machine, I tried Gnome and was so
> frustrated.  I tried to switch to KDE but I couldn't get it to work but
> that was my fault.  I didn't know about the session selector in GDM and
> was trying switch desktop function.
> After playing with Gnome, I found the same frustrations.  Some nice
> improvements over the version in F7 but still reminded me of using MS
> Windows.  No real control to improve the efficiency.
> KDE 4.1 is pretty good.  I am having some weird issues that I don't like
> but I have not had a chance to figure out all the changes.  I hear 4.2
> is so much better than 4.2 so I think I will be really happy.  Of course
> that is after I change the menu back to the classic menu from the Vista
> like menu.

Ok, honestly, I have been trying to find out what do you guys in kick-off that 
is like window$, but I have yet to find out.  I don't see anything to be the 
same except that there are some things and you click on them.

> My daughter prefers Gnome over KDE because KDE makes here think of Macs
> and she has had her fair share of nightmares with Mac's.

that's the first time I'm hearing this.

> > I personally agree that I would rather be using the KDE on F10 than
> > GNOME but not everyone who disagrees is inherently wrong.
> >
> > Craig
> I will drink to that.  To each their own.  The person that turned me
> onto KDE now uses Gnome but is thinking of checking it out again when
> 4.2 comes out.

KDE 4.2 is already out and I'v been using it for 2 months now (from RC) and 
the final came out last tuesday.  You can get it from kde-redhat repo.

> --
> Robin Laing

Armin Moradi

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