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Firefox Running Slow in Linux


I know I'll probably get hazed by this already saturated question, but I haven't found any solid answers to my issue from the archives.  I'm running Fedora 10 x86_64 and loving the "adventure" of running an 64 bit system.  I'm also running Firefox 3.0.x (x86_64), but I've noticed that it's not very smooth compared to it running on a Windows machine and I'm little confused why.

It's more the scroll bar than anything else.  It's something small, but it's ruining the surfing experience and I'm a little embarrassed to let other people use it on my desktop.  I don't want to give Linux a bad name and these folks are primarily Windows/MAC users.  So; their experience with using Firefox on my system is a tainted one.

I've tried running Swiftfox, but I haven't gotten it to load (that's another issue) so I'm kind of stuck with Firefox.

Marc F.

Registered Linux User: #410978

"When life gives me lemons... I make Linuxaide, hmm good stuff!" -Marc F.

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