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Re: Firefox Running Slow in Linux

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 15:02 -0500, Marc Ferguson wrote:
> Hi,

> I know I'll probably get hazed by this already saturated question, but
> I haven't found any solid answers to my issue from the archives.  I'm
> running Fedora 10 x86_64 and loving the "adventure" of running an 64
> bit system.  I'm also running Firefox 3.0.x (x86_64), but I've noticed
> that it's not very smooth compared to it running on a Windows machine
> and I'm little confused why.

	Couple things to look out for.

	Plugins.  Turn off all your plugins and retest.  There are some that
cause serious performance degradation.  Find the guilty party and decide
if it's work it.

	Scripts.  God's be damned scripts.  CNN is probably one of the WORST
for this.  I have to use noscript to keep CNN from nuking my performance
due to the script invoking flash cruft that ends up invoking the
npviewer.bin performance sink.

> It's more the scroll bar than anything else.  It's something small,
> but it's ruining the surfing experience and I'm a little embarrassed
> to let other people use it on my desktop.  I don't want to give Linux
> a bad name and these folks are primarily Windows/MAC users.  So; their
> experience with using Firefox on my system is a tainted one.

	Haven't seen that.  What distro?  What kernel?  What pages?  What

> I've tried running Swiftfox, but I haven't gotten it to load (that's
> another issue) so I'm kind of stuck with Firefox.

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