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Re: yum list display some package in 2 rows

Ambrogio wrote:
> Il giorno lun, 02/02/2009 alle 08.32 +0000, g ha scritto:
>> not 'on the monitor', but how you are set to display to monitor.
> How can I check this?

currently, i am operating under scientific linux 5.4 for internet and
with f8 for 'offline' use.

i am not fully into f10, as i am having some file system problems, so i am
not fully familiar with new names used in kde4.

in kde3, setup is found thru 'control center > peripherals > display'.

i may be wrong, but i believe in kde4, it is thru 'options'. if you are not
aware of what i am mentioning, and/or, if no one monitoring this thread
replies with actual location, after i finish a few things on internet, i will
log out of sl5.4 and reboot f10 to see just where i found display setup and
get back to you.

> non terminal device or to a file, this standard is not good.

yes and no. something has to be set for other things to work into. problem
is, not all agree as to how things should be. as in;

> For example, output from ls change if piped to less or more.

i believe this is a characteristics/fault of less and more.

>> [root argosyiayia geo-sl]# yum --version
>> 3.2.8
> I'm using yum version 3.2.20. Maybe the bug was introduced after your
> version.

again, i am at wonder of use of word 'bug' and what/where it may be. note
again, that i sent you my output from 3 different versions of yum.

there is something common between your system and poc's.

poc's headers show that he is 'Linux i686 (x86_64)', i am 32 bit, can not
tell if you are 32 or 64. this is where a possibility of difference is.

> I see some differences in output.py searching on internet.

with sl5.4 and f10 i was internet connected. f8 was not.


peace out.



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