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Re: [OT] linux statistics

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> Rahul
> Correct the charts, Fedora 10 was not released as of 2008-01-01
> The year appears to be incorrect in the charts. What happened?

i am in agreement with rahul.

i returned to page;

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Statistics

with firefox, tried <ctrl+f>. '2008-01-0' kicks red.

only dating with '2008-01-' is;

 Total connections to repositories (as of 2008-01-26)


 Downloads from bittorrent (as of 2008-01-26)

i do see;

  Cambridge was released on 2008-11-25

and '2008-01-01' is nowhere to be found, even in page source.

i did find '<!-- Cached 20090127175326 -->', which is day before i looked
at page.

being that i clean firefox cache each day, i can not check back to see if
maybe, possibly, or by any other imaginative, that cache date is forged.
which i do doubt.

then again, with a name like 'rahul', you never know. <gbwg>

thanks again, rahul, will check links this week.

peace out.



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