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Re: F10 Audigy SB / ALSA problem

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 7:43:24 am Rex Dieter wrote:
> RDB wrote:
> > pulseaudio[5501]: module-alsa-sink.c: ALSA woke us up to
> >  write new data to the device, but there was actually nothing to write!
> >  Most
> > likely this is an ALSA driver bug. Please report this issue to the
> > PulseAudio developers.
> ^^^ says it all...
> -- Rex
OK, so that's the source of all the trouble ? What should I do next ? Should I 
open a bug on Fedora/Redhat bugzilla or should report this to PulseAudio ?

Secondly, I managed to have most sounds with KDE to just use the device from 
KDE System Setting --> Audio and put PulseAudio as the last option. But not 
sure how to deal with non-KDE apps, for example, Flash with nspluginwrapper. 
So flash video still runs through Pulseaudio

When I tried to remove all pulseaudio related stuff, it drags a whole bunch of 
dependencies, including, e.g Totem, etc. Why were those packages built to 
depend on an audio server, rather than having more abstract way to work with 
whatever available audio server/device ?


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