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F10 - fall back after disk e2fsck on boot scan issue.


This is the third issue that I have come across with F10 install problems.

On a machine that had a failing HD, which was not being used, the machine froze. On a reboot, the system couldn't scan the USB drive that was connected at freeze but removed on reboot as well as other unmounted partitions.

The drives were not in /etc/fstab so they shouldn't have been scanned but they were in /etc/mtab that was left over from the crash.

On the reboot, the boot screen flashed past showing that it failed to check these drives and dropped into the repair (Right term?) prompt. I entered the root password and proceeded to try to remove the /etc/mtab entry. I couldn't as the / partition was mounted (ro). I checked with 'mount' and it stated that the partition was mounted (rw).

I couldn't change the mount status, I couldn't unmount the partition, I couldn't scan or do anything from the prompt to the / partition. I had to use a Live CD to mount the partition and remove the /etc/mtab entry and reboot. The system booted correctly.

Is this a bug that should be reported. I have duplicated this and will test it on a different install.

Also on a related note, can e2fsck do a boot scan on the ext4 partitions?
Robin Laing

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