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Re: F10: boot hangs after yesterday's yum updates

Tim wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 03:32 -0800, Colin Brace wrote:
>> As an aside: I have four 1 TB drives in this system, and I dread
>> seeing the "this drive has been booted 28 times without a check"
>> warning when I reboot. In my experience, fsck takes around 35 minutes
>> to check a 1 TB drive. :(((
> Hmm, yeah, yuck...  I wonder if manually running a fsck resets the
> counter used for the auto check?  If so, perhaps you want to schedule a
> reboot and fsck for some early morning weekly event.
Yes, manually running fsck resets the counter. You can also change
the count, or even turn off auto-checking with tune2fs if it is an
ext2/ext3 file system.


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