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Re: SD card reader (Texas Instruments)

L wrote:
> Hi
> I have  SD card reader on the laptop HP NX5000. I believe the reader is
> Texas Instruments one. After I insert the sdcard in, the dmesg shows:
> tifm_core: MMC/SD card detected in socket 0:0
> But it does not mount automatically. Does it miss some module or how to
> make it mounted?
> my system if F10 i386 (, fairly updated
> thanks
> Y
If you read the guidelines of the list, and stop posting in HTML, I
will see if I can help you.


We need more information - are you running the Gnome desktop,
another desktop, or trying to mount the SD card from the command
line? Under Gnome, it should get mounted to a directory HAL creates
in /media. There a bunch of rules HAL uses. The easiest is if the
media or partition has a label - then it used that label.

What messages show up in /var/log/messages when you insert the card?


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