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Re: LXDE as default in init 5

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 11:59 AM, R. G. Newbury <newbury mandamus org> wrote:
>> I've done this on a F10 system. The .dmrc files does not exist for root
>> >> even
>> >> I chose the session at the login window. So I created /root/.dmrc. I log
>> >> out
>> >> and back in and my root session is saved.
>> >> The syntax of the .dmrc doesn't use PREFERRED in it. That's for the
>> >> prefdm file, which you can modify if you like.
>> >> I'm not using prefdm or at all. I'm not changing any other files except
>> >> .dmrc.
> >
> > thats what I mean for one of my last posts.  I checked for the .dmrc file
> > and it still doesnt do it.  Are you sure it works, because root isnt even in
> > the drop down user list from GDM, thats what seems to be the problem.  I
> > have to click "other" so no session info is saved.

>I can assure you it works for me, but I have to type in the root >account.
>All other user names show up and I can click one to select it.
>The GDM has changed the way root logins are handled. I don't know
>whether there is a way to make the root account appear at the GDM

Comment out the 4th line of /etc/pam.d/gdm so it reads:
#auth      required    pam_suceed_if.so user != root quiet

And log-out. 'Root' is now an acceptable user during the graphical login as an 'Other'. (And /root/.dmrc will continue to exist if you use it/create it.)

thats for the info, but it wasnt actually what the problem was.  I'll keep trying things, someone mentioned SLiM, sounds nice to try too.

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