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Re: music download sites?

Around 10:15am on Wednesday, February 04, 2009 (UK time), JasonB scrawled:

> i use mp3 obsession [2] its very cheap and all online so you do not
> need any software. songs on there are from 9cents and all good
> quality. also, this site is legal unlike many that have been suggested
> here 8-)

This does not to seem to be a site that sells mp3s, but a site that
reviews (really links) to a number of Russian mp3 sites.  From the FAQ:

Is this service legal?
Yes, all of the sites we review are based in Russia, and Russian laws
allow you to to download mp3's as long as they are for personal use only
and not distribution. 

How to download music from us :
Step 1. Browse or search for the track, album or soundtrack you wish to
Step 2. Select which website you wish to download your selection from
Step 3. Click 'buy track/album/soundtrack'
Step 4. You will be taken to your chosen website to buy the mp3

I suspect that the legality of buying this way would be disputed by a
number of organisations outside of Russia.


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