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[OT] pjl escape sequences from linux

I have a F9 system where I copied an old program that prints directly
to the parallel port where an hp lj 1100 is connected.
I have to set a smaller font than default on that printer, so that
what to be printed fits on page.
It seems that when the printer is powered off it resets to fabric
default that is not ok for the app.
I found this page so that I can send an escape sequence to set the
font and other parameters:


But it is intended for dos systems.
Does anyone know how to send the referred "escape sequence (Ec)" from
a script or linux file?

To enter the escape sequence (Ec), press CTRL then P. No character
will appear on the screen at this point. Let up on both keys and press
ESC. A Left Arrow will be displayed on the screen.

So for example I have to set 14 as the font size and I should send to
the parallel port this sequence:


any hint?
Thanks in advance,

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