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Re: fedora on acer aspire one 150 .. please advise..

On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 20:27 +0200, Gregory Machin wrote:
> Hi
> I'm getting an Acer aspire one (150) as there is a model that ships running linux it obviously runs Linux ...daaa .. lol. And after some googling  there are others that have gentoo and Ubunto running on it. can any. Thus i conclude that it should run fedora 10 i386 .. can anyone make recommendations. I would obviously like to recompile the the kernel, to squeeze all I can out of it. Where could i find a good example config file to start with. should I be using i386 ?

I too got the 160 Gb Hard drive version with WinXP home and used the
live USB to install F10.

I shrunk the WinXP partition down to 32 Gb, left the 'utility' partition
alone in case I ever needed to re-install WinXP over again and gave the
rest over to Fedora. The live-USB installer (anaconda) handled it with

The models that come with Linux seem to be the SSHD


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