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XFCE depends on GNOME, why?

I tried to install a "pure" XFCE system but I can't
It looks like in order to install XFCE, I have to install also GNOME.
It is so very counterproductive because my idea was to setup a small,efficient system specifically without GNOME or KDE's overhead.
This is an old computer, with a Celeron processor

Take a look at this, this is the result of sudo groupinstall XFCE:


Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                  Arch          Version                           Repository      Size
 Thunar                                   i386          0.9.0-4.fc9                       fedora         5.7 M
 gdm                                      i386          1:2.24.0-12.fc10                  fedora         1.1 M
 thunar-archive-plugin                    i386          0.2.4-5.fc10                      fedora          39 k
 thunar-volman                            i386          0.2.0-2.fc9                       fedora          84 k
 xfce-utils                               i386          4.4.3-1.fc10                      fedora         320 k
 xfce4-mailwatch-plugin                   i386          1.1.0-1.fc10                      fedora         375 k
 xfce4-mixer                              i386          4.4.3-2.fc10                      updates        189 k
 xfce4-panel                              i386          4.4.3-1.fc10                      fedora         505 k
 xfdesktop                                i386          4.4.2-6.fc10                      fedora         2.7 M
 control-center-filesystem                i386          1:                updates         40 k
Installing for dependencies:
 PolicyKit-gnome                          i386          0.9-3.fc10                        fedora         123 k
 Terminal                                 i386                    fedora         1.6 M
 at-spi                                   i386          1.24.0-5.fc10                     fedora         242 k
 control-center                           i386          1:                updates        2.4 M
 eel2                                     i386          2.24.1-4.fc10                     updates        266 k
 evolution-data-server                    i386          2.24.3-1.fc10                     updates        4.0 M
 exo                                      i386          0.3.4-3.fc10                      fedora         728 k
 fedora-gnome-theme                       noarch        8.0.0-7.fc10                      fedora          11 k
 fedora-icon-theme                        noarch        1.0.0-4.fc10                      fedora         115 k
 gnome-desktop                            i386          2.24.3-1.fc10                     updates        1.0 M
 gnome-mount                              i386          0.8-1.fc9                         fedora         148 k
 gnome-panel-libs                         i386          2.24.3-1.fc10                     updates         60 k
 gnome-python2                            i386          2.22.3-1.fc10                     fedora          36 k
 gnome-python2-gnome                      i386          2.22.3-1.fc10                     fedora          83 k
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs                   i386          2.22.3-1.fc10                     fedora          84 k
 gnome-session                            i386          2.24.3-1.fc10                     updates        596 k
 gnome-settings-daemon                    i386          2.24.1-7.fc10                     updates        449 k
 gnome-themes                             noarch        2.24.3-1.fc10                     updates        1.6 M
 gnome-vfs2                               i386          2.24.0-3.fc10                     fedora         921 k
 gtk2-engines                             i386          2.16.1-1.fc10                     fedora         313 k
 libbonoboui                              i386          2.24.0-1.fc10                     fedora         372 k
 libcanberra-gtk2                         i386          0.10-3.fc10                       updates         20 k
 libgail-gnome                            i386          1.20.1-1.fc10                     fedora          26 k
 libgnome                                 i386          2.24.1-7.fc10                     fedora         693 k
 libgnomeui                               i386          2.24.0-2.fc10                     fedora         1.0 M
 libnotify                                i386          0.4.4-12.fc10                     fedora          34 k
 metacity                                 i386          2.24.0-2.fc10                     fedora         1.5 M
 notification-daemon                      i386           fedora          49 k
 notification-daemon-engine-nodoka        i386          0.1.0-3.fc10                      fedora          27 k
 plymouth-gdm-hooks                       i386          0.6.0-0.2008.11.17.3.fc10         fedora          16 k

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