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Openswan: Works, but...


According to the homepage of openswan, i configured a server and a
roadwarrior (think this is host-to-host).

Using tcpdump, i see, that traffic between those 2 hosts is encrypted,
if the server is the endpoint.

this server is a transparent proxy. so, if i surf eg. to google via
this server, the traffic seems no longer encrypted to me. (no
esp-packets mentionned in tcpdump).

Even my mailserver is not on the same machine, so this traffic isn't
encrypted either.

all i want is to make sure, that ALL traffic that comes from any client
and passes through my server is encrypted, as connections are wireless.

btw.  if i tell firefox to use the proxy-server instead of using
transparent proxying, internet traffic gets encrypted too. but i would
like to use transparent proxying.

how can i do this? or is it encrypted, and by any reason i don't see it
like this?


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