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Re: Sendmail

Around 01:23pm on Thursday, February 05, 2009 (UK time), Timothy Murphy scrawled:

> Adil Drissi wrote:
> > I have successfully installed Mysql and PHP but I am unable to send email
> > via php. Sendmail is already installed apparently. I want to know if there
> > is a way to test email by sendmail command lines. Another thing is that
> > how to configure sendmail because i'm just a regular customer of an
> > internet provider. I know the provider's mail server parameters. Can
> > sendmail be used with these parameters?
> My ISP is called eircom.net .
> So I uncommented and edited the line
> define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.eircom.net')dnl
> in /etc/mail/sendmail.mc ,
> and followed the instructions at the head of this file
> to give the command "make -C /etc/mail".

Make sure you have sendmail-cf installed, as well as sendmail.

Also restart sendmail.

> I certainly do not want to read a book about sendmail.

No sense of fun, some people :-)  However be carefull not to end up
running an open mail relay.


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