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Samba: question I am ashamed to ask

I am running samba on a Linux (actually Centos-5.2) server
on my little home network, which has 5 Fedora machines
and 1 or 2 Windows XP (Home) desktops.

My question is: can I, or even should I,
add a stanza, say [windows], to /etc/samba/smb.conf
to give information about the Windows client?
If I did this, would it enable me to access files on the Windows machine
from my Linux laptop?
Could some kind soul give an example of such a stanza,
if indeed there is such a thing.

I'm puzzled about this, because I googled for "smb.conf examples"
and looked at quite a few, but none of them had an entry
for a Windows share, even though most of them had Windows clients.

I might mention that I installed samba 
to back up my Windows machine(s) with BackupPC.
This is working perfectly, backing up both Fedora and Windows machines.
Also I can see my Linux shares on the Windows machine.
But as I said, I cannot see the Windows share on my Linux machines.

All suggestions and explanations gratefully received.

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