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Re: Samba: question I am ashamed to ask

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I am running samba on a Linux (actually Centos-5.2) server
> on my little home network, which has 5 Fedora machines
> and 1 or 2 Windows XP (Home) desktops.
> My question is: can I, or even should I,
> add a stanza, say [windows], to /etc/samba/smb.conf
> to give information about the Windows client?
> If I did this, would it enable me to access files on the Windows machine
> from my Linux laptop?
> Could some kind soul give an example of such a stanza,
> if indeed there is such a thing.
The Samba server is only for sharing files on the computer it is
running on. (There are exceptions, but they are not important here.)
The Windows shares have to be configured on the Windows machine that
is sharing them. If they are configured with the same workgroup,
they will show up as an additional host when scanning the workgroup.
If the workgroup name is different, they will show up as a different
workgroup that you can scan.

For this to work, the firewall settings on the Windows machine must
be configured to let file sharing through. The default settings do
not allow it.

There are a couple of ways to handle mounting the Windows shares. It
depends on what you are after, and if the Windows machines are
expected to be runing when ever the Linux machine is running. Do you
want the Windows share accessible to all users, a specific group of
users, or do you want each user to be able to mount the share when
they are logged in to the desktop? I suspect the later. In that
case, you would want to use the network browser for your desktop.
For Gnome it is Places --> Network.


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