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Re: System Time

Michael Comperchio wrote:
> I can't decide whats going on here, but....
> I decided to try XFCE (it is seemingly faster - athlon, 2ghz, 1gig mem)
> but the clock in the panel is 5 hours slow... actually, it's five hours
> fast. The 'clock' command in a terminal tells me it's 9:05 eastern time,
> the XFCE panel clock says 9:05, but the GNOME panel clock tells me it's
> 2:05 (pm). Also, the windows side of the maching tells me it's (-5)
> hours. I don't much care about Gnome, but would like to know how to
> reset my system time to the 'correct' time ( I know, the correct time
> depends on how fast I'm going.... etc....)!
> Thanks
> Michael
It sounds like you have more then one problem. As for the difference
between the time in Windows and Linux, the problem is probably that
you have the hardware clock set to local time, but you told Linux
that it was set to UTC. Check /etc/sysconfig/clock and see what the
setting are. You should probably have UTC=false. While you are
there, make sure the time zone is set correctly.

Once you have that fixed, check what time zone is Gnome is using. I
suspect it is using UTC as well. (Someone help me here - I forgot
where you set the TZ in Gnome - I normally use the system time zone.)


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