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Re: XFCE depends on GNOME, why?

> >
> > Hi,
> > All I was trying to say was that over time, gnome
> elements got pulled in, despite trying things like this or
> similar. I started with the XFCE Fedora 8 Live CD and then
> stripped it of gnome-related RPMS and over time, and
> upgrades, I still have all those gnome\* rpms which have
> nothing to do
> Sorry. Can't help unless there is a specific complaint.
> If a specific package has unnecessary dependencies or things
> that can be split up, file bug reports.

So, what is the bug report filed against? The package firefox or the package gnome or whatever.

I thought I provided a very specific list of dependencies as an example.

> > I am not talking about Gnome developers, rather
> developers of packages, who seem to include some gnome
> dependency sometimes.
> This can sometimes be split up. Again, you have to be
> specific to have a meaningful conversation.

Not sure what we are having a conversation about, with regard to this point. I have said what I feel *may* be happening. Perhaps I am wrong, but this is not important for the thread.

> > I use firefox from the days of phoenix, and even
> contributed to the original code. I did not have gnome  in
> those days. I wonder if it really requires gnome, either
> directly or indirectly.  Similarly for
> xfce4-xfapplet-plugin, etc.
> Yes. Read the description of the plugin. It is a wrapper
> around GNOME applets and yes, package dependencies change
> over time. So what predates which project doesn't make
> much of a difference to the current state of dependencies.

Of course, but sometimes, dependencies are included in error, as in the R example. Things worked exactly the same when you downloaded and installed source code without gnome, but the same F-rpm brought in gnome dependencies. Which all went away at a later date, perhaps to come back later...

I was just explaining why a clean XFCE install may not be possible to keep, by my experience.



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