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Re: Firefox Running Slow in Linux

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 15:02 -0500, Marc Ferguson wrote:
> I know I'll probably get hazed by this already saturated question, but
> I haven't found any solid answers to my issue from the archives.  I'm
> running Fedora 10 x86_64 and loving the "adventure" of running an 64
> bit system.  I'm also running Firefox 3.0.x (x86_64), but I've noticed
> that it's not very smooth compared to it running on a Windows machine
> and I'm little confused why.

I have a problem which is similar to the problems mentioned on this
thread.  Firefox displays most pages just fine: it puts them up quickly
and scrolls them smoothly.  But some pages use an enormous amount of CPU
(the Gnome CPU meter shows 100%), even when they are not actually being
displayed, i.e. are minimized or completely covered.  Which obviously
interferes with anything else I'm trying to do with the computer  It
looks like most of this is caused by Adobe's Flash plugin.  Sometimes
the heavy CPU usage persists even after Firefox is exited; then I have
to kill the flash process explicitly.

This is on a 32-bit version of Firefox on an AMD 64-bit system.


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