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Re: Sendmail

,On Thursday, Feb 5th 2009 at 08:23 -0000, quoth Timothy Murphy:

=>Adil Drissi wrote:
=>> I have successfully installed Mysql and PHP but I am unable to send email
=>> via php. Sendmail is already installed apparently. I want to know if there
=>> is a way to test email by sendmail command lines. Another thing is that
=>> how to configure sendmail because i'm just a regular customer of an
=>> internet provider. I know the provider's mail server parameters. Can
=>> sendmail be used with these parameters?
=>My ISP is called eircom.net .
=>So I uncommented and edited the line
=>define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.eircom.net')dnl
=>in /etc/mail/sendmail.mc ,
=>and followed the instructions at the head of this file
=>to give the command "make -C /etc/mail".
=>I think that is all one normally needs to do.
=>I certainly do not want to read a book about sendmail.
=>The file /var/log/maillog gives information (too much information)
=>about what happens to each mail message.

I'm certainly a proponent of always looking for low-hanging fruit, but in 
this case, I'd have to say that running a sendmail server is certainly one 
of those cases where you really can't know too much and that not knowing 
enough is just going to cause problems.

So in the spirit of offering constructive comment, here is some of
the sendmail section of my library:

* The Bat Book from O'Reilly. If that's all you have then you're not
  going far. It's really a reference book.
* The Sendmail Cookbook. Excellent to have around. I wish it was
  twice as thick.
* Linux Sendmail Administration by Craig Hunt. Very good
* Sendmail Performance Tuning by Christensen. Just what it says it
* Sendmail Milters by Costales Flynt. Once I thought I'd want to
  write a milter. Still do, but it got pushed down the list.

* And last but not least, Sendmail Theory and Practice 2nd ed by
  Vixie and Avolio. This is THE book and AFAICT, the ONLY place to
  find out how to actually program sendmail. I'm not talking about
  those namby pamby m5 macros. I'm taking about the good stuff. The
  stuff that puts hair on your chest. The stuff that makes all those
  gurly men cry.

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