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Re: Ran out of disk space during yum update

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> In the new install I did, I was not alert and did a complete yum update,
> and my / partition ran out.
> 200 of 300+ packages were updated/installed, of course none cleaned.
> Can I rescue this install by doing a yum clean all and then again do the
> yum update for the remaining 100+ packages?
I would do a "yum clean packages" instead of a "yum clean all". It
just gets rid of the downloaded packages. (This may cause some
packages to be downloaded again.)

If you can make some space, you also have the option of doing a "yum
localupdate" on the already downloaded packages. Probably the
simplest way to do this is to move all the packages from
/var/cache/yum/<repo>/packages to a new directory, change to that
directory, and run "yum localupdate". This is especially true if you
have /home on another partition, as this will free up space on /.

If you were installing any new packages, use localinstall instead of
localupdate. This will install/upgrade all the packages in the
directory. Ether form will download any additional packages needed
for dependencies.

I remember a command that will finish the cleanup of an aborted yum
transaction, but I can not think of it at the moment. Sorry.


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