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Re: F10 64-bit - Wired Ethernet Problems with DNS

On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 16:13 -0800, solarflow99 wrote:
> what does your network use, DHCP?  all it takes for DNS to work is
> the /etc/resolv.conf file to list the DNS servers.  If you still cant
> figure it out, then a post of your ifcfg-eth0 file would help.
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Rick Bilonick <rab nauticom net>
> wrote:
>         I installed F10 64-bit on a Dell quad computer without any
>         problems.
>         (The computer had been running F5.) I did a fresh install on a
>         new hard
>         drive. eth0 worked fine under F5. I can get a connection using
>         ssh and
>         IP addresses but I cannot get DNS to work, even though I'm
>         using the
>         same DNS addresses (which I can ping). When I use the gui and
>         put in the
>         netmask (, the gui constantly overwrites it. To
>         get any
>         connection, I have to go into the eth0 config file and set the
>         netmask.
>         (The gui always replaces the netmask IP with either the
>         computer's IP or
>         gateway IP - don't remember which.) I can't get this working
>         so I can do
>         an update.
>         Any idea on what is going wrong?
>         Rick B.
If the network used DHCP, I would have used it. Although I did not
explicitly state that I was using a fixed IP address, I did say that the
netmask of was being over written with the gateway address
when I used the network gui - this is some bug in the network gui of the
install version. So it's obvious I'm not using DHCP. 

Not sure why there is a serious bug in the network gui. I got around
this by directly writing the correct netmask in the ifcfg-eth0 config
file (as I mentioned previously). I also directly included DNS1, DNS2,
and DNS3 in this file (they were not written by the network gui). 

As it turned out, I checked services to see if the network daemon was
enabled. For some reason, it was NOT enabled by doing the F10 install
(the install process never asked for network info which at the time I
thought was strange). I enabled the network daemon and now DNS works

I'm now in the process of updating the Fedora 10 install to the latest
patches. There are about 465 packages to be updated including a new
kernel. Hopefully this will fix the bug in the install version of the
network gui.

Rick B.

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