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Re: installing perl modules on F10

Norman Gaywood wrote:
Hi list,

So whats the recommended way of installing perl modules in Fedora 10?

What we have been doing in the past is to install a perl-* rpm via yum
if one is available for the module we want.
This is the preferred method.

If the module is not available via rpm, we use "perl -MCPAN -e shell" to
install modules.
However, on the systems we recently upgraded to Fedora 10 (from F8), the
perl modules installed via CPAN are no longer in perl's @INC search path.
Yes. site_perl has been changed in F10.

So I guess we can go through and manually install those lost modules
with CPAN again,
Correct, in cases like this, you would have to
1.) uninstall all CPAN-built modules
2.) rebuild all CPAN-built modules

but is there a better way?
Well, the actual cause of your issues is both CPAN and rpm being conflicting installer systems, which don't harmonize well.

I.e. for a clean solution providing a consistent setup one would have to restrict oneself to one of these and to avoid mixing them.

That said, from a distribution's point of view, packaging perl-modules into rpms is the preferred solution, because this is supposed to assure a clean setup (modulo bugs) rsp. to raise prominent warnings/errors in case something changes.

I.e. the preferred solution, in case somebody is missing a perl-*.rpm in Fedora, is this person to contribute such a corresponding rpm to Fedora.


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